For the serious blogger or website administrator, there are some site maintenance tasks you should do to keep up with your site based on site statistics data so that it improves hit ratio from search engine. Here are some suggestions to keep your site in top shape.
• Check Your Website Statistics : Who is visiting, where they are visiting from, which pages are the most visited…check in regularly with your website statistics to find out where the action is on your site, where the dead links are, and where users are coming from. This information can help you better fine tune your site to meet the needs of your users and increase your web visibility. You should check site statistics at least monthly if you have an active site.
• Check Your Linkability : There are many link popularity tools on the Internet that will check to see who is linking to you. This is part of the puzzle that search engines use to rank your site. Dependent upon your site’s activity and need to grow in search engine rankings, this should be done monthly, or at least three times a year.
• Site Submissions : If you have a desire to make your site rise in search engine rankings, regularly schedule activity surrounding your site’s submissions to search engines and attracting new users. Take care to limit your submissions to the same search engine too frequently, as that can penalize you, but check in with your site submissions once or twice a year at a minimum.
• Update Advertising : If you have included advertising in your site, check with your advertisers on a regular basis to make sure they haven’t changed their techniques, pricing, and process. Dependent upon site activity, this could be as often as once a month or several times a year.

Update WordPress
WordPress is quickly growing and expanding as more features and functions are included and perfected. It is recommended that you check in with WordPress for updates and upgrades at least every three months, six months at the most. Check WordPress org and Download WordPress for information on the latest version available.
Note: For WordPress 3.7+, minor and security updates are automatically applied in the background process.